françois beaurain




Mister Bossman

Liberia, 2013




Although Liberia has never been colonized, Liberians spontaneously call white people "bossman", unconsciously placing themselves in a position of inferiority.

By pretending being a banana seller, a barber or a tailor, this “bossman” gets out of the place which is traditionally attributed and sets himself on an equal footing with the black people frequenting this market. With his suit and tie, typical attributes of the Western male, unsuitable for the climate and the place, the artist is, by the way, making fun of expatriates living in golden cages and disconnected from ground realities.

In fact, not much has changed since decolonization, expatriates have replaced the colonists and Africans are still down a social ladder now globalized. By highlighting the stereotypes of the relations between Africa and the West, the artists are finally simply inviting to redraw them.

With the collaboration of Myriam Renaud.for the pictures.